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7 Best Places to Eat in Nha Trang, Vietnam

If you’ve already checked out our favorite places to eat in Bali, (Ubud and Canggu) Here’s our list of the best places we found to grab a bite to eat or have a refreshing drink in Nha Trang, Vietnam.



Unfortunately we found this cafe the day before we left Nha Trang. It’s the cutest little place with a real Vietnamese feel. The Olive green colors, the vintage Vietnamese clothing hung on the wall and the flower pattern pillows feel like something out of a movie. The first day we checked this place out we tried their signature hot coconut coffee and it’s fantastic, perfectly strong and just sweet enough. We also tried another one of their signature drinks, the cold coconut Vietnamese coffee. So good. Can you tell we love coconuts?

Price: $
Must Try Dish: Coconut Coffee
High Chair: No
Staff Loves Kids: Yes



I’d been telling Waseem that I really wanted some BBQ for months! (We didn’t have any for the entire time we were in Bali) We were so glad when we found this place on TripAdvisor. The food was delicious! Finally some great comfort food. The restaurant is nicely set up too with outdoor picnic tables and some great music, a really nice overall vibe. Plus this was the only place we found in Nha Trang with a high chair so needless to say we were all pretty happy about that.

Price: $$
Must Try Dish: BBQ Chicken Platter w/ Mac & Cheese
High Chair: Yes
Staff Loves Kids: Yes



It was a nice surprise finding this healthy cafe. There unfortunately aren’t many healthy options in Nha Trang. Love the decor and overall feel of this cafe. The alpaca illustrations on the outside and inside add a nice colorful feel and the food was delicious. We had some great fish tacos and a very flavorful salad and gnocchi dish. Also a pretty big plus to this place is the fact that they have a small children’s kitchen play area on the second floor. Hours of fun!

Price: $$
Must Try Dish: Fish Tacos
High Chair: No
Staff Loves Kids: Kind of (This restaurant has a play area!)



Another cuisine we hadn’t had in months, sushi! So naturally we went looking for it when we got to the beach town with fresh fish being sold on every corner. This tiny little place is only open for dinner and gets pretty busy. Their sushi was delicious and really fresh. The chef kept coming to our table and interacting with Zayd which was pretty adorable. It was even sweeter because he didn’t speak any English and was interacting with him in Japanese. Definitely glad we chose this sushi restaurant over the other one down the street. It’s a little pricier than others but it’s worth every penny.

Price: $$$
Must Try Dish: Spicy Salmon Roll
High Chair: No
Staff Loves Kids: Kind of



The last day we were in Nha Trang we had a sick baby so we couldn’t really go out to eat. While I was home cuddling our baby boy, Waseem went out hunting and grabbed us some chicken sandwiches from this super popular Greek restaurant down the block. The chicken sandwiches (Souvlakis) we SO good that we decided to pick up a couple more sandwiches from there for dinner. This time we tried the smoked tuna Souvlakis and damn were they good! We’d never tried smokes tuna and having it in a sandwich seemed absurd! So glad we tried them and if we were there a few more days we definitely would have had them again. Also, on a side note, the restaurant was so busy, the line to sit at a table was around the block!

Price: $
Must Try Dish: Smoked Tuna Sandwich
High Chair: Not sure
Staff Loves Kids: Not sure



This has to be one of the most uniquely designed restaurants we’ve ever been to. It has a tree house feel with a big tree in the entryway, a huge wooden slide from the second floor and lots of swinging benches around picnic tables throughout the place. We weren’t so impressed by the food we ordered but the yogurt with fresh fruit we got for Zayd we delicious. Also, everyone around us seemed to be having coffee or tea so I think this would be a great place to take a break during a day of sightseeing and enjoy a really strong but yummy Vietnamese coffee.

Price: $$
Must Try Dish: Yogurt w/ fresh fruit
High Chair: No
Staff Loves Kids: Kind of



The food at this restaurant was on point. We’d been looking for Indian food for a while and this place definitely hit the spot. The interior is very bland and boring and almost felt like we were in a school cafeteria but the food makes up for it. If you’re looking for a good hearty Indian dinner, this is the place to check out. Oh, and they had one of our favorite dishes that we always have a hard time finding, Palak Paneer. Yum!

Price: $$
Must Try Dish: Palak Paneer
High Chair: No
Staff Loves Kids: No

Check out our favorite places to eat in Bali in Ubud and Canggu.

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