About Us


Hi, my name is Samya, and I love traveling with my husband and baby boy. When Waseem (the beard) and I first got married, we did what we felt was expected of us, and we moved to Saudi Arabia and got well paying, respectable jobs. Even though we were doing well, we weren’t very happy. We felt we were giving our life away to “the man” who would just suck everything out of us, and leave us empty at the end of the day. I was working as a Labor and Delivery nurse and even though I am passionate about helping mothers through the magic of labor, I hated how the hospitals treated both the nurses and the mothers during these special moments.

We simply couldn’t accept it. We had a crazy idea to start a business, because we felt that was the best way to keep control of our time, while still making a living. We wanted a child, because we didn’t want to miss out on that miracle for ourselves, and we wanted to do be where we wanted to be, and see places on our schedule, not to run away from a job or life we didn’t want for a few weeks. Our son Zayd was born, and after a bit of bouncing around we’re traveling the world as a family and experiencing things as they come. We’re writing this blog to share our story and anything that we may have discovered that could help anyone else interested in making the (scary and exciting) leap into the present.