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5 Best Baby Bath Products

I put together a list of my favorite products to make bath time easier and more fun. Hope you like it!

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When I was trying to figure out what the best tub would be for our family, I got pretty excited when I found one that I could collapse flat and store out of sight. When you live in an apartment, you can quickly accumulate so many baby products that you forget adults also live in the home. This tub is very simple and extremely practical when you’re dealing with small spaces. The fact that it also has a newborn and a toddler setting makes it even more appealing because we can use it for a long time. Zayd is 17 months old and he still uses it. We put it in the big bath, but this way we don’t waste too much water because we only fill his tiny tub up. It’s size is great too to contain his toys all within arms reach. When we’re done using it, we flatten it up hang it behind the bathroom door. It’s even got a hook at the top of it for easy storing!


If you opt for the Boon tub (or really any baby tub) this sponge insert works really well for the newborn days. It’s pretty thick and soft so baby will enjoy laying on it, and I love the fact that it stays warm while you’re bathing baby. It’s also very easy to wring out and dry. Another plus is it’s very affordable and does the job well. With all the baby products you need as a new parent, it’s nice to not always have to splurge, especially when it’s something you will really only be using for a couple of months!


If you’re looking for a hooded towel that’s really soft and big enough to use for the first few years of baby’s life, Pottery Barn bath wraps are definitely the way to go. They’re made of really nice cotton terry material and they have so many different characters. Unicorns, raccoons and sharks just to name a few! With all the “baby shark do do do do do dooo” hype you’ll wanna get your hands on one to help entice your little one to get out of the tub at some point (cause sometimes they wanna stay in the tub forever!)


When Zayd was born I went a little nuts only wanting to use natural and chemical free products on him. I started off with Aveeno and Johnson & Johnson until I read all about how J&J was being sued over an ovarian cancer case because of asbestos in their baby powder. That was enough to put me off of J&J. I was then reading the back of the Aveeno baby bubble bath bottle and I saw that it was a J&J product! I got pretty mad and immediately stopped using that as well. Now I check all products I buy (for Zayd or for us) to make sure J&J is nowhere to be seen.

The next baby wash and shampoo I tried was The Honest Company and although I loved the way it smelled (and the fact that I could get two pretty big bottles as a set from Costco), I felt like Zayd’s hair was always oily. It just didn’t feel like it was getting the job done. So the hunt went on.

Since Burt’s Bees was a company I always use and love for myself, I got pretty excited when I found their line of baby products and decided I’d give them a try. Problem was it was one of the more expensive products (hence the trying it so late in the game). Once I tried their baby products though, I was immediately hooked. Every one of their washes smell amazing, the bubble bath makes the perfect amount of bubbles for bath time and never leaves Zayd with greasy looking hair. Finally, the search was over! If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t waste any time and just go right for Burt’s Bees. They make the best products for babies and adults!


This is the changing mat we opted for. Instead of having two contoured sides it has four for just a little added security. It’s pretty long and can be used till your baby is around 3 years old (hopefully you won’t still be changing diapers by then!) and is very well cushioned. Having a strap is an added bonus for when baby starts to learn how to turn over and plan his escape! It’s also very affordable compared to a lot of other mats out there that don’t have the same 4 sided feature. We use this mat in the bathroom for putting pajamas on after bath time.


Most parents opt for purchasing extra changing pad covers for the ability to wash ones that have been soiled. I initially thought I would be in the same boat until I came across these great pad liners. Moms have so much to do on a daily basis that it just saves time to throw one of these guys on top of your pad for ease of changing. They come in a convenient pack of three and they wash pretty well. I also used to throw one into the diaper bag or a purse if I didn’t want to take the diaper bag out that day just to have on the road. They can be put under a sleeping baby, on a play mat, anywhere really. Bottom line, they’re so versatile and useful that I think all parents should have a set!

If you find this list useful and are curious to see what other lists I have on the blog, check out 8 Best Pregnancy Products, 6 Best Postpartum Products or even 6 Best Baby Transport Products!

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