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Why Did We Decide to Travel?

Waseem and I have loved travel for pretty much forever. We each grew up in families that moved around a lot and enjoyed spending summers abroad. To us, it had become more normal to be on the move than it was to stay put in one place for more than about 3 months at a time.

Soon after we first got married in Upstate NY, we moved back home to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the mindset that settling down there and working for a few years would help us save up some money to start our lives together. After living and working in Saudi Arabia for three years, we decided it wasn’t really the best fit for us. As a labor and delivery nurse working in one of the biggest hospitals in the city, the large workload due to under-staffing, and the lack of appreciation for nurses slowly started to drain me. Waseem had also been working for a non-profit at the time that had stopped paying it’s staff for months, and didn’t look like it was going to anytime soon.

In the meantime we were at the beginning of starting our own little business in our kitchen making beard oil. Waseem started growing a beard at the time and was having a hard time finding the right oils to keep it moisturized and well kempt. When we did our research and found that there really was a gap in the market, and beard oil was hard to come by in one of the hairiest countries known to man, we decided to give it a try and make our own. We’re going on three years now, and we can’t imagine our life any other way. It’s not easy owning and operating our own business, but it sure does give us the flexibility we need to travel (and we loooove to travel!). We’re lucky enough that we can be pretty much anywhere and still be able to get things done for Diggn’ It as long as we have some internet.

Meanwhile we decided to start our family, and our little guy Zayd came along June 2017! He was really the one who gave us the push to do some traveling. No better time than the present to seize the moment and take Zayd on some adventures before having to be more attached to a single location when school starts one day. Bali it was! Since we’d visited Bali a couple years ago and loved it, we knew that was where we had to go. So we packed our bags and headed to the beautiful Island to enjoy more quality time together and just slow down our fast paced lives being in cities and what an adventure it was!

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