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Long-term Travel with Baby

No matter how you travel, travel is never “easy” when you have a little one. Between making sure Zayd’s fed, slept and bathed it’s really a full time job and a lot of the time it feels like that’s all we ever do! But, it’s also amazing! We don’t get to do as much of the touristy/sight seeing things couples who are traveling without kids get to do but, we do get to experience the joy of seeing the world through Zayds eyes. Instead of going rafting we go to the kiddy pool at water parks. Instead of going to fancy restaurants, we go to more family oriented ones that have kids play areas in them. Instead of checking out night time safaris, we go to zoos during the day. All still fun activities, just tweaked a bit.

We’ve been traveling since Zayd turned 11 months old. Bali had been a dream for us for the last few years (since Waseem and I checked it out summer of 2016) and we knew we had to go back. (Check out our favorite places to eat in Ubud and Canggu, Bali) After Zayd was born and we spent the beginning of his life between Toronto where he was born, New York where a lot of my family is and Saudi where a big part of Waseem and my family and friends are, we decided it was time to hit the road and try out this whole travel thing.

One of the most important things for us when it comes to travel is to travel as light as we possibly can and to have the most compact and functional products for our trip. From our luggage and packing cubes from Eagle Creek to our super light and comfortable Xero Shoes, to Zayds travel cot and portable high chair from Phil&Teds and really lightweight stowaway fold-able stroller from BabyZen we really wouldn’t be able to travel as easily without them.

More on our favorite travel products to come. Happy traveling!

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